Now Hiring: Project Manager08.25.21

Now Hiring: Project Manager

For years, we've had the essential role of Project Manager as part of our team, which helps us to manage internal and external communications & calendars and "air traffic control" the priorities of our creative team. The good news is that our client mix in recent years has created an abundance of additional strategic work, so we're breaking those responsibilities out into their own position. This opens a new spot for us to welcome a new Project Manager to our team!


We've built a strong culture during COVID times that allows for autonomy and flexibility with where people work. As long as people are available and working during regular workweek hours, they can be wherever best suits them. We do a Zoom each morning to catch up and coordinate.

About the Position

The Creative Distillery Project Manager communicates directly with team members and clients. They manage retainer client needs, develop workflow on special projects, and organize the team workflow and calendar accordingly to help us reliably deliver value to clients.

  • Track and create our calendar: both long-term & recurring projects, and the day-to-day calendar for creative team
  • First line of communication with retainer and special project clients
  • Attend meetings, take notes, and make tasks for creative team
  • Understand creative vision and communicate discrepancies/needed changes to client or creative team

The ideal fit has:

  • Excellent communications skills: in person, over Zoom, and over email.
  • Experience with Google Calendar and project management software


  • Self-motivated, seeks out challenge
  • Highly communicative
    • Able to write emails with clarity and warmth, and maintaining our relationship with clients
    • Comfortable with leading and articulating needs and expectations with both team members and clients
  • Flexible mindset
  • Able to see multiple, sometimes conflicting, priorities and make decisions that best serve all parties
  • Able to articulate creative decisions to creative director and to clients

To Apply:

Please email a cover letter (this helps us see your communication style) and resumé to

About Creative Distillery

We are a growing marketing firm that completes branding, advertising, web, social, and content projects. We value doing good work that puts creative and positive material out into the world. We're a small team that looks out for each other and prioritizes work/life balance.

Darren Schwindaman

Darren Schwindaman

Darren Schwindaman is a graphic and web designer who oversees creative & strategic direction for Creative Distillery clients. He studied graphic design at Loyola University New Orleans and lived in Jackson, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Darren now lives in Upstate New York.

Darren values building relationships with his clients and making the real world a better place through communications. He is a rare breed of left-brained artist, and he believes that good design comes from equal parts creativity, strategy, and coffee. Darren enjoys Atlanta Braves baseball and The Expanse, a gritty sci-fi drama.

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