Marketing for Mississippi Government Agencies

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Our design and marketing services are a perfect fit for government agencies. We know the essential value that's created in communicating information for the benefit of the public and business constituents. We understand and honor complex material, and deliver work that makes agencies look innovative and effective.

Working with State Agency Teams

We often work with in-house marketing and communications staff, as well as teams without these dedicated roles. Our clients say that we listen closely to them, are easy to work with, and help them achieve the results they want.

Government Experience

Members of our team have worked in state government and know the challenges and opportunities in that sector. We especially knowmakes for a successful agency-client relationship. Here are a few of the problems we’ve solved for our public interest clients:

  • Created visual branding to establish a new program
  • Simplified complex messaging for public awareness and action
  • Refreshed an old logo for better alignment with the organization’s current work
  • Modernized an outdated website for visual appeal and functionality
  • Managed social media accounts, creating content and reporting on analytics
  • Improved communication among partner organizations and across departments through regular email newsletters
  • Produced videos about the agency, its programs, and special campaigns