Now Hiring: Creative Strategy Specialist10.01.21

Now Hiring: Creative Strategy Specialist

This full-time role will take ownership of achieving client outcomes by developing insights from audiences, analytics, and trends, and then implementing those insights alongside our creative team.


  • Help us implement a new public interest contract we’ve received.
  • Develop strategy for a variety of clients.
  • Create original copywriting and ideas.
  • Derive insights from digital analytics and apply those towards creative strategies.
  • Define marketing key performance indicators and track progress towards those goals.


Someone in this role should be familiar with principles of marketing and communications. A background in media or writing would be useful; the ability to communicate well is a must. Modern social media networks, email & web best practices would all form a foundation. It’s important to us that our creative work functions in a meaningful way in the real world with real audiences - something that can be informed by a variety of life experiences.

Our client base draws extensively from public interest subject matter experts - government or nonprofit advocates in sectors like public health, equity, education, and other public interest fields.


Our team is supportive and diverse. We have a dynamic that is driven by emotional intelligence and an authentic desire to make a difference through our work. Many of our clients come from the world of socially progressive nonprofits, so a comfort level with that material would be beneficial.

Since COVID, we’ve transitioned to a hybrid workstyle. The right fit could technically be located anywhere, but our economics will work best for someone based in Mississippi or somewhere similar.

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Darren Schwindaman

Darren Schwindaman

Darren Schwindaman is a graphic and web designer who oversees creative & strategic direction for Creative Distillery clients. He studied graphic design at Loyola University New Orleans and lived in Jackson, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Darren now lives in Upstate New York.

Darren values building relationships with his clients and making the real world a better place through communications. He is a rare breed of left-brained artist, and he believes that good design comes from equal parts creativity, strategy, and coffee. Darren enjoys Atlanta Braves baseball and The Expanse, a gritty sci-fi drama.

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