Uproot: Building a Healthier Mississippi from the Ground Up04.06.23

Case Study: Uproot - Building a Healthier Mississippi from the Ground Up

This public interest campaign is one of our strongest successes, a project where we're able to do strong creative work towards something that advances the public good.

UProot is the public-facing brand for the State Health Improvement Assessment, a set of surveys and recommendations dedicated to improving the perception of public health in Mississippi. What makes this effort novel is an unprecedented coordination between public agencies, nonprofits, hospitals, and others to create a well-rounded project.

We were tasked with coming up with a brand name that felt more public-accessible and not like a government project, while inspiring positive momentum towards change, not dwelling on bad statistics.

We worked through our naming process, creating several plausible options paired with visuals. This established a range of strategic approaches to allow for a healthy, meaningful discussion.

Diagram of campaign name ideas

Ultimately the committee went with the most disruptive option - Uproot - to really honor the breadth of change needed for Mississippi's health.

Visually, the brand makes use of 'up' in the name, paired with colors that evoke fresh food and energetic movement - two necessary ingredients for a healthier Mississippi.

Uproot communications are designed to be friendly and accessible, inviting everyone into advancing public health in Mississippi.

Layout of designed materials for Uproot
Darren Schwindaman

Darren Schwindaman

Darren Schwindaman is a graphic and web designer who oversees creative & strategic direction for Creative Distillery clients. He studied graphic design at Loyola University New Orleans and lived in Jackson, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Darren now lives in Upstate New York.

Darren values building relationships with his clients and making the real world a better place through communications. He is a rare breed of left-brained artist, and he believes that good design comes from equal parts creativity, strategy, and coffee. Darren enjoys Atlanta Braves baseball and The Expanse, a gritty sci-fi drama.

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