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Goodwill Industries of Mississippi Brand Video


We created this video to showcase the success stories of people in the orbit of Goodwill Industries of Mississippi. Goodwill does so much that people don’t see in the retail environment, and this storytelling video was the perfect way to show how the organization’s mission has changed the lives of its employees and volunteers.

We shot hours of interview and action footage, and worked in-house to structure the stories together to both communicate the facts of the organization’s mission and create an emotional story arc for each person’s story.

The video premiered at the organization’s annual Salute dinner, and has helped the organization generate new fundraising partners to enhance the mission. The audience is often holding back tears after seeing the film. Our favorite reaction is that a community partner “lost her stuff” as the various stories unfolded.

Video shot and edited by Roy Adkins of Light and Glass Studio.

Little Light of Mine



Methodist Children's Homes of Mississippi is funded by the state's Methodist Church. The organization has cared for Mississippi's foster children for over 100 years. In the past, MCH has been funded by apportionments, which is a set amount each year. Beginning in 2016, the organization would be funded by a Special Offering, which concentrates donations by churchgoers into one day of giving. This allows for a potential access to greater funding, but also carries the risk of having to convince individual churches to promote the offering and for churchgoers to donate.

MCH wanted to introduce the Special Offering to Methodist churchgoers statewide who might not be familiar with the organization or the Methodist Church's role in funding its amazing work. The Special Offering happens around Christmas time, so the goal was to create something that felt right for the Christmas season, but that would still feel appropriate to promote for a longer timeline throughout the year.

Our team of writers and designers created six distinct concepts:

Little Light of Mine

Working with MCH, we ultimately settled on Little Light of Mine. This concept uses "passing the light" as the idea of what MCH does with the foster children in its care, and invites the donor to pass the light forward through their donation.


We created posters, bulletin ads, social media graphics, and brochures all themed around the Little Light of Mine campaign concept.
We also partnered with Red Squared Productions to shoot a campaign video, which would be shown in churches across the state. Young people who’ve lived at MCH tell their stories of how their lives have been changed by the organization. Throughout, shots of the sparklers help to cement the “light” concept, and make for memorable visuals.


Methodist Children’s Homes were able to exceed their apportionment, which is crucial for the first year and positions future Special Offerings for continued growth.

Repeat Street Branding


We also completed a new website design, incorporating the new branding, better SEO, and a fully responsive design.
Repeat Street website design

Repeat Street is a beloved store with a dedicated following. Their ten-year anniversary made for a perfect opportunity to freshen up the branding and marketing!

TEC Made To Measure


TEC is a large telecommunications provider for business and residential customers.

This project began with a need to increase awareness of TEC's B2B offerings. We met that need by developing an integrated multimedia campaign. Through discussion, we learned that the company possesses many competitive advantages, and we focused on different ones in various campaign concepts. The one that ultimately emerged was Made To Measure: a nod to the relationship between TEC sales reps and their customers. Simply put, TEC reps will work with clients to create service plans that are custom-fit to their business, much like a tailor creating custom clothing fit just to you.

We spoke to three TEC business clients representing a range of industries: a towing company with critical phone and data communications, a business insurance broker providing excellent customer service, and a medical practice that must have 100% uptime. Each testimonial is real and specific to that industry, while the title cards help to underline the points being made.

The campaign has touchpoints in print, video, and radio advertising.

Advertisement for Telecommunications company

We worked with a specific strategy to speak to something real in the B2B space: that business clients want a company that understands them and offers services that meet their individual needs.

Goodwill of Mississippi Safety Campaign

good-job1 good-job3 good-job4
These posters made for a great opportunity to do something with serious advice that also isn't too lecture-y. The color palette is really eye-catching and engaging. 'Good Job' is a concept that employees can be proud of.

Safe T Plus “Eat My Dust”

stp-web-banners stp-banners stp_1-16

Safe T Plus is a steering stabilizer that This project uses a variety of phrases addressing common road hazards from the point of view of a confident driver. The campaign is placed nationally in Motor Home Magazine and RV forums. The retractable banners shown here travel to trade shows.

It's rewarding to hear when advertising works, and Safe T Plus reports that they're now outselling their closest competitor by 5x.

Rainbow Co-op Broadcast

After launch, Rainbow employees have told us they're seeing lots of new faces walking in the door, and sales trends back that up with an increase over months prior to the ad launch. The ad itself has performed well above average in terms of watch-through rates.

Concept, look, & direction by CDHQ; shooting & editing by the team at BluWave in Jackson.

Video is the perfect way to demystify the Rainbow shopping experience. The customers were all real and so eager to share their Rainbow experiences.

Rainbow Co-op Advertising

Regular advertising for Rainbow Co-op.

Old House Depot Mississippi Magazine ad

Glossy ad published in Mississippi Magazine for Old House Depot, an architectural salvage warehouse. Photography by Aaron Phillips.

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