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Whether you're reaching for a new audience, refreshing a dated legacy, or launching a startup, your image and voice are your core.

Mississippi Delta Community College C4 Workforce Development Program

c4-poster c4-logo

For this project, we worked with a workforce development program housed with Mississippi Delta Community College. It had a long name - Community Collaboration for College & Careers, so we leaned into the C4 abbreviation and extended the language across the promotional materials. The logo shows a multi-sided approach and also lends itself to the honeycomb pattern used through the display type.

Superior Polymers

superior-polymers_products superior-website

No-audio looping video for their recent trade show booth:

i2i Center for Integrative Health

i2i-logo i2i-examples-01

Marketing Services

  • Organization Renaming
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Materials Design
  • Event & Conference Design
  • Website Design

Nonprofit Rebranding

We were proud to work with this 34-year-old North Carolina public health organization leading advocacy around behavioral health and intellectual & developmental disabilities. The organization came to us at a time when they were evolving their model to better reflect the landscape of their members and funders. They’d emerge with a new name, new look, and a refreshed mission statement.

We led them through our naming process, developing several strategic options. A key insight is that public health organizations most often work with other partner groups, and they all refer to each other by organization abbreviations as a familiar shorthand. This led us to create a name that sounds good as a quick abbreviation, i2i, that quickly captures the nonprofit’s priority of authentic collaboration.

The visual identity shows multiple facets overlapping with energetic colors and angles to show the excitement that happens when the right people come together to collaborate. The elements baked into the branding come together to create dynamic layouts for marketing documents.

While i2i is a new organization, its members have a deep well of valuable expertise and relationships. We also helped guide i2i through the process of relaunching the name to its valued existing partners to ensure they didn’t lose any of their existing equity. Unveiled live to its partners at a conference, the branding has been enthusiastically received and the organization is back at work on its mission.

Frankie Marie Boutique Logo


The wife-and-husband owners of Frankie Marie came to us with a vision for how they wanted their brand to feel, but had struggled to create the right graphic look. The Frankie Marie brand would be customer-friendly and stock a huge range of online clothing options for women of any size. The owners promote the brand mainly on social media.

We created a huge range of options to help calibrate for the look, everything from punk rock edgy to Southern chic. Ultimately, we all fell in love with this original flamingo / clothes hanger icon that our designer Kaiyla developed through the sketching process. The flamingo stands tall, and communicates clothing, beauty, and empowerment.

In our initial options, we created a series of mockups to show the logo in action:

Logo Mockups
Logo Mockups

Original exploration
Original exploration

Embryo Preservation Trust


Embryo Preservation Trust is a legal practice for anyone undergoing IVF and freezing embryos. We wanted to communicate ideas of security and perpetual preservation. The center of the icon suggests embryos in a microscope; the outer ring communicates perpetual motion, preservation of embryos over time. The icon also connotes a safe — a strong, spinning combination lock. That strength, however, lends comfort. The overall design elements create a pretty, welcoming environment.


Embryo Preservation Trust website design

Repeat Street Branding


We also completed a new website design, incorporating the new branding, better SEO, and a fully responsive design.
Repeat Street website design

Repeat Street is a beloved store with a dedicated following. Their ten-year anniversary made for a perfect opportunity to freshen up the branding and marketing!

Sweet & Sauer Branding and Packaging Design

sweet-sauer sweet-sauer-wild sweet-sauer-logo

Lauren Rhoades, the owner and muscle behind Sweet & Sauer, contacted Creative Distillery through Millsaps College's School of Business ELSEWorks consultancy. We developed distinctive branding and packaging to help launch her products onto store shelves. She's since been carried around Mississippi (including at two of our clients, Deep South Pops and Rainbow Co-op!) and is preparing applications for larger retailers.

We love opportunities to work with artisan food producers! The big, bright colors of the packaging capture the big, bright flavors of the kombucha, jarred goods, and spicy mustard.

Mississippi Public Education PAC

mpe-pac mpe-pac-emboss mpe-pac-shirt
This allowed us to give a fresh spin on familiar elements to create an identity that's bold and optimistic to help a great cause.

St. Lawrence School Logo

We particularly appreciated the chance to translate the school logo seamlessly to the athletics logo.

Deep South Pops Branding

deep-south-pops dsp-web

For the website, we built a custom backend workflow that allows staff to quickly add and update the day's flavors.

This one's about as fun as it gets. Delicious handmade gourmet popsicles, a fantastic space, and the best clients.

Scott Nine Consulting

scott-nine-full scott-nine-cards

Scott asked us to create an identity for him as he leveraged some extensive education, nonprofit, and fundraising experience into a consulting practice in Portland, Oregon. One of Scott's hallmarks is the ability to get to the real, messy issues that lie at the heart of problems. Oftentimes the solutions can be found in examining the spaces where these issues intersect. This led us to an intersecting monogram that is appropriate for a consulting practice based around a single person, but carries a slickness and meaning.

For Scott's stationery package, we wanted the experience of getting a card to contain a little insight that would open a conversation that those big, out-of-reach solutions could be possible through a consulting engagement with Scott. These can also be given to people targeted industries so the recipients are seeing a message that resonates with their experiences.

Scott said that he's gotten good feedback on the cards, including one "That's bold!" which we count as a thumbs up for sparking conversation. We know Scott can deliver.

Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee & Tea Logo and Packaging


Ray, the business owner, had been making and selling this product based on his mother's devotion to cold-brewed coffee. Their old packaging was too masculine and off-trend for a small batch artisanal product. We created several approaches, ultimately settling on this one for its shelf appeal at a distance. Ray insisted on including a guitar, which led us to this engraving treatment. The product area is inspired by Mississippi craft quilts, and serves as a quick color system to differentiate between the offerings.

This is a great example of something that looks good but also has an immediate impact in sales. Ray reports that the phone is ringing off the hook from national retailers who want to carry this product. The system linking the products has been effective as well, and the products alongside the coffee have especially enjoyed increased sales.

This project was brought to us by the Millsaps College ElseWorks business consulting program. The team did all the work in locating and pricing the cool whiskey-style bottles.

Since launching the new packaging, MS Cold Drip’s monthly revenue is up 472% and they’re currently in the list of the top 5 products sold at Whole Foods Jackson.

Engage Mississippi Logo

engagems-logo engagems-items

Engage Mississippi is a new statewide partnership to sync up the disparate efforts of funding foundations, government organizations, nonprofits, and volunteers using a collective impact model. Our role was to let audiences know that this effort has a fresh energy and enthusiasm behind it, which helped inspired the optimistic, electric colors and the case variance in the type treatment. The overlapping arrows show partners moving together in a common direction, and we also developed a negative space E on the left side of the arrows.

We thought it was really cool to get to the negative space E during our exploration.

Phoenix Properties Logo

We really wanted the logo to "earn" the Phoenix name by linking the bird to real estate. We were excited to hit on the keyhole as the body of the bird idea to tie it all together.

Numbers Forensics Logo

Logo for a financial investigations firm. We combined the dollar sign, a fingerprint, and a 'scan' window to depict the firm's work.

Springboard To Opportunities Logo + Website

springboard-screen1 springboard-screen2 springboard-logo
Springboard To Opportunities is a recently-launched nonprofit based in Jackson, MS that works with residents of affordable housing. They needed a logo identity, website and copy to quickly establish themselves among nonprofit circles, national funding foundations, and the residents themselves.

McDade’s Wine & Spirits Website + Logo


Updated logo + website for a wine & spirits retailer. The movement in modern wine and spirit sales is towards craft and artisan selections and a more advanced taste palate in the audience.

Sterling Academy Rebranding

sterling-login canvas-screen sterling-fb
Name + logo for an online middle & high school. We developed a new logo, seal, and color palette for the brand. We then integrated the look into the school's online curriculum software to create a fully branded experience for Sterling students. Pictured here are the login screen with logo and seal, the admin area of the software, and the Facebook cover photo.

Brewhaha Homebrew Supply Co. Logo


Winner, Jackson Ad Federation 2013 Gold ADDY. Custom-drawn type and integrated grain icon treatment.

Read a case study about this logo.

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