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UProot: Building a Healthier Mississippi from the Ground Up

This project is one of our strongest successes, a campaign where we're able to do strong creative work and use it towards something that advances the public good. UProot is the public-facing brand for the State Health Improvement Assessment, a set of surveys and recommendations dedicated to improving the perception of public health in Mississippi. What makes this effort novel is an unprecedented coordination between public agencies, nonprofits, hospitals, and others to create a well-rounded project. We were tasked with coming up with a brand name that felt more public-accessible and not like a government project, while inspiring positive momentum towards change, not dwelling on bad statistics.


Using our proprietary naming process, we developed five distinct campaigns, each with its own perspective. We worked with the communications committee to discuss different names and come to a consensus about which direction to move forward with.


We developed UProot to be a flexible brand, serving diverse audiences like legislators in a summary report, or college students through t-shirts.

UProot Public Health Campaign Graphic Design


We’ve designed a website that features Success Stories and created a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These help keep the UProot partnerships vibrant by sharing stories from across the state.

UProot Public Health Campaign Website

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