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Scott Nine Consulting

Scott said that he's gotten good feedback on the cards, including one "That's bold!" which we count as a thumbs up for sparking conversation. We know Scott can deliver.

Scott asked us to create an identity for him as he leveraged some extensive education, nonprofit, and fundraising experience into a consulting practice in Portland, Oregon. One of Scott's hallmarks is the ability to get to the real, messy issues that lie at the heart of problems. Oftentimes the solutions can be found in examining the spaces where these issues intersect. This led us to an intersecting monogram that is appropriate for a consulting practice based around a single person, but carries a slickness and meaning.

For Scott's stationery package, we wanted the experience of getting a card to contain a little insight that would open a conversation that those big, out-of-reach solutions could be possible through a consulting engagement with Scott. These can also be given to people targeted industries so the recipients are seeing a message that resonates with their experiences.


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