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Little Light of Mine



Methodist Children's Homes of Mississippi is funded by the state's Methodist Church. The organization has cared for Mississippi's foster children for over 100 years. In the past, MCH has been funded by apportionments, which is a set amount each year. Beginning in 2016, the organization would be funded by a Special Offering, which concentrates donations by churchgoers into one day of giving. This allows for a potential access to greater funding, but also carries the risk of having to convince individual churches to promote the offering and for churchgoers to donate.

MCH wanted to introduce the Special Offering to Methodist churchgoers statewide who might not be familiar with the organization or the Methodist Church's role in funding its amazing work. The Special Offering happens around Christmas time, so the goal was to create something that felt right for the Christmas season, but that would still feel appropriate to promote for a longer timeline throughout the year.

Our team of writers and designers created six distinct concepts:

Little Light of Mine

Working with MCH, we ultimately settled on Little Light of Mine. This concept uses "passing the light" as the idea of what MCH does with the foster children in its care, and invites the donor to pass the light forward through their donation.


We created posters, bulletin ads, social media graphics, and brochures all themed around the Little Light of Mine campaign concept.
We also partnered with Red Squared Productions to shoot a campaign video, which would be shown in churches across the state. Young people who’ve lived at MCH tell their stories of how their lives have been changed by the organization. Throughout, shots of the sparklers help to cement the “light” concept, and make for memorable visuals.


Methodist Children’s Homes were able to exceed their apportionment, which is crucial for the first year and positions future Special Offerings for continued growth.

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