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Marketing Services

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Nonprofit Rebranding

We were proud to work with this 34-year-old North Carolina public health organization leading advocacy around behavioral health and intellectual & developmental disabilities. The organization came to us at a time when they were evolving their model to better reflect the landscape of their members and funders. They’d emerge with a new name, new look, and a refreshed mission statement.

We led them through our naming process, developing several strategic options. A key insight is that public health organizations most often work with other partner groups, and they all refer to each other by organization abbreviations as a familiar shorthand. This led us to create a name that sounds good as a quick abbreviation, i2i, that quickly captures the nonprofit’s priority of authentic collaboration.

The visual identity shows multiple facets overlapping with energetic colors and angles to show the excitement that happens when the right people come together to collaborate. The elements baked into the branding come together to create dynamic layouts for marketing documents.

While i2i is a new organization, its members have a deep well of valuable expertise and relationships. We also helped guide i2i through the process of relaunching the name to its valued existing partners to ensure they didn’t lose any of their existing equity. Unveiled live to its partners at a conference, the branding has been enthusiastically received and the organization is back at work on its mission.

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