The Benefits of Brand Clarity

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

What are you buying when you engage Creative Distillery for a logo design? The obvious answer is a finished logo, and a set of digital files to use on a website, letterhead, t-shirts, or wherever else it might go. That's not incorrect, but it's also not the full answer. The answer is that you are buying a process that involves the client, employees, customers, and our team and results in complete clarity of who your business is as a brand, and how it should be depicted. In fact, before we brainstorm visual ideas or take to the page or computer, we've created a target so clear that the final result can't help but be successful.

How Customers Experience Your Brand

Customers experience a crowded visual marketing landscape. Lots of cues are telling them whether something is traditional or disruptive, soothing or challenging, homegrown or polished. On its own, any of the options presented in those dichotomies is as good as the other, and customers will make choices for their own reasons. However, the important thing for a brand is to present themselves intentionally so that their right customers are choosing that brand for the right reasons. That is a result of the clarity that we work towards together.

How Employees Embody Your Brand

We recently spoke to someone who works in retail. He thought that he was giving a customer excellent advice about what product to buy in response to a question on the sales floor. However, the customer had a completely different expectation about what type of answer he should get and had walked away disappointed. This opened a conversation that led to better clarity for the employee on the best way to represent the brand to future customers. Visually, it reminds us to accentuate the approachability of this brand in any of their graphic design.

How Leadership Experiences the Brand

When you are responsible for running an organization, it becomes your baby. It's also easy to eventually become immersed in the complexity of operations, losing sight of the clarity that existed when you began. One of the things we consistently hear from business owners, especially from established brands, is how they feel reinvigorated at the helm of their enterprise. One professional services provider told me a year after a logo redesign that the process had completely changed his experience of the business.

My philosophy is that if you are 100% clear on the best, most distilled "you" that you can be, you will be harmonious with your business' activities, and enthusiastic customers will find you. Our job is to work with you to achieve ultimate clarity. You don't have to have it when we start, but you will realize it during our journey.


Looking for clarity? You may benefit from a brand audit, logo design, or something else. Contact us to meet about your ideas.