Small Business Social Media Strategy for the New Year

by Drew Henry | Copywriter

There was a time not too long ago that any small business could post something on Facebook and trust that those posts would be seen by potential customers. Channels like Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing the way people see and interact with posts. And trying to keep up can add to the stresses already faced by small business owners. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

Here are some social media strategies small businesses should be thinking about in the coming year:

Social media networks are increasingly prioritizing visual content

As the majority of social networks continue to prioritize mobile usage, eye-catching visuals have become increasingly important in engaging users as they scroll quickly through social feeds. We create custom imagery that gets seen on social and reinforces client branding.

Quantifiable measurement of impact using analytical tools

We use the most recent analytical tools to measure impact across social media channels, and study the underlying algorithms that manage the hows, whens, and whys different posts reach the best audience possible, and study those analytics to build on successes and modify failures. We also utilize email marketing, paid ad placements, and paid post boosts, and measure how those factors all contribute to the success of not just your social media presence, but your overall business goals.

Understanding each social media platform’s native offerings

Every social media platform has a built-in means of rewarding certain posts based on metrics such as page views or shares. Each network will show that content in a more featured way because it “appreciates” when you use its native tools. We keep up with these tools so that we’re always helping our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Let your audience work for you

Getting the right people to share and interact with your posts can be tough. We measure which of your social media followers has the biggest influence on their social circles and consider how these “social influencers” can fit in and create their own content around your brand.

Remove the added stress

You know the importance of social media for your business. But unless you’re a marketing firm yourself, you just may not have the time to learn all the nuances that go into marketing on social channels. Creative Distillery removes that added stress by managing your social media presence so you can save headspace for running your business.

Photo by Bench Accounting

Creative Distillery has the expertise to manage all of the strategies necessary to build success for businesses so you can get back to work. Contact us about your project!