Introducing Melia Dicker

by Melia | Director of Client Success

Hello! I’m Melia Dicker. Some of you may know me as Darren’s wife, or as his co-founder at Creative Distillery. I’d like to introduce myself to some of you, and get reacquainted with those I worked with when I was on the team the first time around.

A Range of Experience

When I relocated from my native California to Jackson, I co-founded Creative Distillery with Darren and then made a career shift after our son, Evan, was born. I went to work for two large state agencies and an education foundation, where I gained a variety of valuable experience: developing digital marketing and public relations strategies, managing a large-scale social media following, and working on big-budget advertising campaigns that included email marketing, video production, and cross-platform media buying. I also had a chance to sit on the client’s side of the table, which helped me understand how Creative Distillery’s clients experience working with us. I’m excited to bring the skills I’ve gained back to the agency where my career in marketing started, so we can serve our clients even better.

A New Role — Director of Client Success

Our main focus at Creative Distillery has always been to create work that delights you and helps achieve your goals. Darren and I created a new position for me, the Director of Client Success, to focus exclusively on making sure we’re moving the needle for you. I’ll be your main point of contact, guiding your projects from intake to completion and monitoring your results (sales, social media engagement, web traffic, and so on). As I return to Creative Distillery, I’m most excited about making a positive impact in many different arenas through marketing. We work with organizations and businesses in fields as diverse as health care, manufacturing, and government, and it’s incredibly rewarding to help you leave your corner of the world better than we found it.

You can reach me at I look forward to meeting with you soon and creating beautiful, powerful work together.