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3 Successful Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer


Convened by the Mississippi State Department of Health, UProot is an unprecedented collaboration between government, nonprofit, educational, and private organizations looking to create a culture of health in Mississippi.

We were charged with creating a name and visual brand for the campaign, which is based on the results of an academic survey that was conducted around Mississippi’s perceptions of health. The challenge was to create something that wasn’t too academic or like just another government program, and spoke to making a dramatic improvement without dwelling on the negative.

Read more about our process for creating UProot.

Little Light of Mine

In the past, we’ve created a successful website for Methodist Children’s Homes of Mississippi that has seen online donations go from $300/year to over $25,000 per year. The majority of the organization’s funding came from apportionment, a line item in the budget of the Mississippi Methodist Church.

Beginning in 2016, the organization would be funded by Special Offering, a single day when all the Methodist Churches in the state take up a collection for Methodist Children’s Homes of Mississippi. The move carried the potential for reward in greater funding than had been budgeted, but also carried risk: each churchgoer was not used to donating directly to the organization, and would have to be introduced to the mission. MCHMS approached Creative Distillery to help create a campaign introducing the change.

Read more about how the Little Light of Mine campaign exceeded expectations.

XOut With Love

We’re currently in progress on a campaign for My Brother’s Keeper, Inc., targeting a population that is high-risk for HIV infection. The campaign will recruit qualified participants for a study that will yield data specific to this population in the deep South.

The dedicated group conducting the study has given great insight into the target audience and allowed us to create something that will invite the participants to feel comfortable sharing personal information. The identity also creates a movement that will create impact beyond the study.

Nonprofit campaigns allow us to be creatively successful while advancing positive change. Contact us to talk about your nonprofit and let’s strategize together.

The Benefits of Brand Clarity

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

What are you buying when you engage Creative Distillery for a logo design? The obvious answer is a finished logo, and a set of digital files to use on a website, letterhead, t-shirts, or wherever else it might go. That's not incorrect, but it's also not the full answer. The answer is that you are buying a process that involves the client, employees, customers, and our team and results in complete clarity of who your business is as a brand, and how it should be depicted. In fact, before we brainstorm visual ideas or take to the page or computer, we've created a target so clear that the final result can't help but be successful.

How Customers Experience Your Brand

Customers experience a crowded visual marketing landscape. Lots of cues are telling them whether something is traditional or disruptive, soothing or challenging, homegrown or polished. On its own, any of the options presented in those dichotomies is as good as the other, and customers will make choices for their own reasons. However, the important thing for a brand is to present themselves intentionally so that their right customers are choosing that brand for the right reasons. That is a result of the clarity that we work towards together.

How Employees Embody Your Brand

We recently spoke to someone who works in retail. He thought that he was giving a customer excellent advice about what product to buy in response to a question on the sales floor. However, the customer had a completely different expectation about what type of answer he should get and had walked away disappointed. This opened a conversation that led to better clarity for the employee on the best way to represent the brand to future customers. Visually, it reminds us to accentuate the approachability of this brand in any of their graphic design.

How Leadership Experiences the Brand

When you are responsible for running an organization, it becomes your baby. It's also easy to eventually become immersed in the complexity of operations, losing sight of the clarity that existed when you began. One of the things we consistently hear from business owners, especially from established brands, is how they feel reinvigorated at the helm of their enterprise. One professional services provider told me a year after a logo redesign that the process had completely changed his experience of the business.

My philosophy is that if you are 100% clear on the best, most distilled "you" that you can be, you will be harmonious with your business' activities, and enthusiastic customers will find you. Our job is to work with you to achieve ultimate clarity. You don't have to have it when we start, but you will realize it during our journey.


Looking for clarity? You may benefit from a brand audit, logo design, or something else. Contact us to meet about your ideas.

Small Business Social Media Strategy for the New Year

by Drew Henry | Copywriter

There was a time not too long ago that any small business could post something on Facebook and trust that those posts would be seen by potential customers. Channels like Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing the way people see and interact with posts. And trying to keep up can add to the stresses already faced by small business owners. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

Here are some social media strategies small businesses should be thinking about in the coming year:

Social media networks are increasingly prioritizing visual content

As the majority of social networks continue to prioritize mobile usage, eye-catching visuals have become increasingly important in engaging users as they scroll quickly through social feeds. We create custom imagery that gets seen on social and reinforces client branding.

Quantifiable measurement of impact using analytical tools

We use the most recent analytical tools to measure impact across social media channels, and study the underlying algorithms that manage the hows, whens, and whys different posts reach the best audience possible, and study those analytics to build on successes and modify failures. We also utilize email marketing, paid ad placements, and paid post boosts, and measure how those factors all contribute to the success of not just your social media presence, but your overall business goals.

Understanding each social media platform’s native offerings

Every social media platform has a built-in means of rewarding certain posts based on metrics such as page views or shares. Each network will show that content in a more featured way because it “appreciates” when you use its native tools. We keep up with these tools so that we’re always helping our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Let your audience work for you

Getting the right people to share and interact with your posts can be tough. We measure which of your social media followers has the biggest influence on their social circles and consider how these “social influencers” can fit in and create their own content around your brand.

Remove the added stress

You know the importance of social media for your business. But unless you’re a marketing firm yourself, you just may not have the time to learn all the nuances that go into marketing on social channels. Creative Distillery removes that added stress by managing your social media presence so you can save headspace for running your business.

Photo by Bench Accounting

Creative Distillery has the expertise to manage all of the strategies necessary to build success for businesses so you can get back to work. Contact us about your project!

We’re (Still) Growing! Now Hiring a Graphic Designer

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

Creative Distillery Design Team Update: The Graphic Designer position is currently filled. However, we do accept portfolios so that we know who's around. We’re hiring a graphic designer to join our team. Design is the heart of our firm and we try to foster an environment that preserves as much as possible of what you loved about design school while making it work for the everyday real world. If you liked your design class critique sessions, this is the job for you. Must haves:
  • Typography chops
  • Ability to morph between different visual styles
  • Desire to embrace and understand client subject material
  • Love challenges
  • An open mind, staying current on trends
  • Savvy on digital design
  • Think big and creatively but sweat the details when it’s time for that
  • Do I need to list Adobe Creative Suite here?
  • Savvy with web UI/UX
  • An “image-making” talent: Illustration, photo/video, digital
I’m a big believer in variety and our client base reflects that. A typical week might see an annual report for a large nonprofit, sketching out a new logo design, or resizing a batch of photos for social media. New ideas are always welcome, and part of the reason for our expansion is to create more time for creative experimentation. We are a team culture-driven young office located right in the middle of Jackson’s thriving Fondren neighborhood. The ideal person is self-motivated and constantly challenging and growing. The designer will work under me and alongside Kaiyla, our current designer.

Interested? Send a cover letter, resumé, and portfolio to

We’re Growing! Now Hiring a Creative Copywriter

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

Creative Distillery

Update: This position is now filled. However, we do keep resumés and portfolios on file for future reference!

We are looking for an advertising and social media copywriter. We work with such a wide range of material that we need someone who can be versatile in subject matter and work with both intelligence and humor in a variety of voices.

Concept-driven headlines that dig deeper than first ideas are a must, as is familiarity with consumer behavior, social trends, and other things that demonstrate relevance and an ability to evolve.

Ideally, this would be a recent grad who is in the Jackson area, but we'd absolutely talk to someone who's living out of town as well. The position will be full-time.

We are a team culture-driven young office located right in the middle of Jackson’s thriving Fondren neighborhood. The ideal person is self-motivated and constantly challenging and growing.

Here’s the more formal job description:

Creative Copywriter / Social Media Strategist

Advance client brand goals through:

  • Short, quippy writing in a variety of voices: from edgy humor to genuine and poignant
  • Maintaining client social media calendars
  • Creative variety of posts on social media
  • Collaborating with designers on advertising concepts
  • Writing for multimedia
  • Create brand taglines
  • Website content strategy and copywriting

Interested? Send resume and writing samples to starting Monday, September 19.

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