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Now Hiring: Video & Photo Content Creator

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

Update: This position has been filled!

We’re looking for someone to join our creative team. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, easygoing about collaboration, and invested in producing excellent creative work for clients that matter.

We value variety and fresh ideas, and an ability to roll with creative direction and client feedback to produce the best possible end result.

Our video gives a good sense of our team, our vibe, and the video work we produce:

Must haves:

  • Technical knowledge of appropriate equipment & software
  • Ability to capture beautiful images, still or moving, in the camera frame
  • Positive attitude

If you're interested, we'd love to talk! Send a letter, resumé, portfolio or reel to If you have more questions, send those too and we can talk more.

Introducing Melia Dicker

by Melia | Director of Client Success

Hello! I’m Melia Dicker. Some of you may know me as Darren’s wife, or as his co-founder at Creative Distillery. I’d like to introduce myself to some of you, and get reacquainted with those I worked with when I was on the team the first time around.

A Range of Experience

When I relocated from my native California to Jackson, I co-founded Creative Distillery with Darren and then made a career shift after our son, Evan, was born. I went to work for two large state agencies and an education foundation, where I gained a variety of valuable experience: developing digital marketing and public relations strategies, managing a large-scale social media following, and working on big-budget advertising campaigns that included email marketing, video production, and cross-platform media buying. I also had a chance to sit on the client’s side of the table, which helped me understand how Creative Distillery’s clients experience working with us. I’m excited to bring the skills I’ve gained back to the agency where my career in marketing started, so we can serve our clients even better.

A New Role — Director of Client Success

Our main focus at Creative Distillery has always been to create work that delights you and helps achieve your goals. Darren and I created a new position for me, the Director of Client Success, to focus exclusively on making sure we’re moving the needle for you. I’ll be your main point of contact, guiding your projects from intake to completion and monitoring your results (sales, social media engagement, web traffic, and so on). As I return to Creative Distillery, I’m most excited about making a positive impact in many different arenas through marketing. We work with organizations and businesses in fields as diverse as health care, manufacturing, and government, and it’s incredibly rewarding to help you leave your corner of the world better than we found it.

You can reach me at I look forward to meeting with you soon and creating beautiful, powerful work together.

Job Opening: Web Developer

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

Creative Distillery team

Update: This position has been filled.

The Creative Distillery web developer helps marketing clients by translating designs to the screen with beautiful, responsive, client-friendly websites.


  • Proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Able to create dynamic websites with interactions fueled by javascript and css
  • Domain and hosting management experience is a plus
  • Design chops are not required but must stay current with web design trends
  • E-commerce/Stripe integration experience is a plus
  • Able to clearly communicate with team and clients when needed
  • Proficient in Wordpress but also comfortable with learning and adapting to a new CMS as needed
  • Familiarity with SEO

What we do through branding, design, and digital is to achieve real-world outcomes for clients that we believe in. We especially appreciate working with people who are able to understand the spirit of the outcome, and then conceive and articulate creative solutions to get there.

Creative Distillery is proud of our diverse, inclusive, and supportive company culture. We're right in the middle of Fondren, Jackson's neighborhood for food, nightlife, music, and more.

We are ideally looking for someone available to work regular full-time, because we believe this allows for better continuity with clients and material and contributes to the company culture. This allows us to grow together. However, we are open to working with someone as a regular, ongoing contractor.

Send work samples, cover letter, and resumé to

We’re (Still) Growing! Now Hiring a Graphic Designer

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

Creative Distillery Design Team Update: The Graphic Designer position is currently filled. However, we do accept portfolios so that we know who's around. We’re hiring a graphic designer to join our team. Design is the heart of our firm and we try to foster an environment that preserves as much as possible of what you loved about design school while making it work for the everyday real world. If you liked your design class critique sessions, this is the job for you. Must haves:
  • Typography chops
  • Ability to morph between different visual styles
  • Desire to embrace and understand client subject material
  • Love challenges
  • An open mind, staying current on trends
  • Savvy on digital design
  • Think big and creatively but sweat the details when it’s time for that
  • Do I need to list Adobe Creative Suite here?
  • Savvy with web UI/UX
  • An “image-making” talent: Illustration, photo/video, digital
I’m a big believer in variety and our client base reflects that. A typical week might see an annual report for a large nonprofit, sketching out a new logo design, or resizing a batch of photos for social media. New ideas are always welcome, and part of the reason for our expansion is to create more time for creative experimentation. We are a team culture-driven young office located right in the middle of Jackson’s thriving Fondren neighborhood. The ideal person is self-motivated and constantly challenging and growing. The designer will work under me and alongside Kaiyla, our current designer.

Interested? Send a cover letter, resumé, and portfolio to

We’re Growing! Now Hiring a Creative Copywriter

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

Creative Distillery

Update: This position is now filled. However, we do keep resumés and portfolios on file for future reference!

We are looking for an advertising and social media copywriter. We work with such a wide range of material that we need someone who can be versatile in subject matter and work with both intelligence and humor in a variety of voices.

Concept-driven headlines that dig deeper than first ideas are a must, as is familiarity with consumer behavior, social trends, and other things that demonstrate relevance and an ability to evolve.

Ideally, this would be a recent grad who is in the Jackson area, but we'd absolutely talk to someone who's living out of town as well. The position will be full-time.

We are a team culture-driven young office located right in the middle of Jackson’s thriving Fondren neighborhood. The ideal person is self-motivated and constantly challenging and growing.

Here’s the more formal job description:

Creative Copywriter / Social Media Strategist

Advance client brand goals through:

  • Short, quippy writing in a variety of voices: from edgy humor to genuine and poignant
  • Maintaining client social media calendars
  • Creative variety of posts on social media
  • Collaborating with designers on advertising concepts
  • Writing for multimedia
  • Create brand taglines
  • Website content strategy and copywriting

Interested? Send resume and writing samples to starting Monday, September 19.

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