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What We’re Seeing at Crossroads Film Festival

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

It's time for the 12th Annual Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson, MS. Creative Distillery designed the printed program guide (PDF Download) appearing as an insert inside last week's Jackson Free Press. While I spent a couple days looking at the films' synopses in work mode, this weekend I'll be checking out some movies in relax mode. Judging from the guide, here's what I'm most looking forward to:

Friday, April 1

Friday evening is a tough call, but I'm really intrigued by God of Love (Oscar-winning Best Short Film) and Der Sandmann. If you're into music, the Music Video Showcase was really cool last year and I only expect it to be better this year. Later that night, I hear that the 'Backwash' series of web videos is hilarious, and stars a bunch of hilarious people, including a bunch of alumni from The State, which I used to watch on MTV.

Saturday, April 2

I'm really looking forward to the "adult" animation block at 11:15, even though it's a little early for me on a Saturday. It's also running against Chris Nolen's Liver Mousse music doc, which I have unfortunately been to busy to check out (yet). At 6:30 is 'La Hora Cero,' which is a foreign action film made by a University of Southern Mississippi graduate. This is the movie I'm most looking forward to in the whole festival: "gritty, fast-paced heist film." Yes, please. However, I'm bummed that I have to miss 'Buck' because I should take the opportunity with my wife out of town to see a cowboy documentary. I'll check it out on Netflix later. I'll hang around the same screen to see the sci-fi block, '22:43' & 'The Find.'

Sunday, April 3

Let's be honest: on Sunday, I'm probably going to watch an Atlanta Braves daygame and catch up on work. BUT the Barefoot Documentaries are always worth seeing, and the JCDC short documentary later on that evening is very, very well done. I'll see if the Feature Winner is something that I'd missed. It's going to be a great weekend of movies. Hope to see you there!

thislocation Multidisciplinary Arts Event

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

photo by Melody Moody Last weekend we got to check out the 'thislocation' performance we'd earlier done a poster for. It's been traveling Mississippi with the Front Porch Dancers and Jamie Weems & the Strange Pilgrims. The dancers have created performance art set to music composed by Jamie Weems. Each piece of music is meant to evoke a world city. Melia and I agreed that Barcelona's pieces were our favorite. There was a great crowd in Hal & Mal's big room mixed up of dance and music fans. Special thanks to Melody Moody for the super-cool event photograph.

Coming Soon from Faith & Reason: The Challenge of Jesus

by Darren Schwindaman | Principal / Designer

Creative Distillery creative director Darren Schwindaman has been art directing the look of the new Faith & Reason educational resource 'The Challenge of Jesus.' Using the work of acclaimed historical Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan, the documentary presents his lecture with the assistance of a "matrix" of moving photos & footage behind Dr. Crossan.