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TEC Made To Measure

We worked with a specific strategy to speak to something real in the B2B space: that business clients want a company that understands them and offers services that meet their individual needs.

TEC is a large telecommunications provider for business and residential customers.

This project began with a need to increase awareness of TEC's B2B offerings. We met that need by developing an integrated multimedia campaign. Through discussion, we learned that the company possesses many competitive advantages, and we focused on different ones in various campaign concepts. The one that ultimately emerged was Made To Measure: a nod to the relationship between TEC sales reps and their customers. Simply put, TEC reps will work with clients to create service plans that are custom-fit to their business, much like a tailor creating custom clothing fit just to you.

We spoke to three TEC business clients representing a range of industries: a towing company with critical phone and data communications, a business insurance broker providing excellent customer service, and a medical practice that must have 100% uptime. Each testimonial is real and specific to that industry, while the title cards help to underline the points being made.

The campaign has touchpoints in print, video, and radio advertising.

Advertisement for Telecommunications company

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