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JBHM is a regional architecture firm completing large-scale projects across the Southeast. Their audiences vary from government, education, and private sector buyers. They also have a huge volume of work.

In presenting the volume of work in a way that showcases valuable projects but also keeps things organized, we created a flexible site map that creates multiple pathways to lead viewers to relevant projects. There's also some backend capability to help the firm's business development create targeted portfolios to send to prospective clients.

Subtle hover effects throughout help to accentuate the firm's existing green line branding. The firm's partners love to focus on details, so throughout the site we built nods to their detail shots. The flexible, responsive grid ensures an elegant viewing experience no matter what device is being used.

Websites are living organisms, so we spent time with the firm's marketing staff to ensure that they would be able to access and organize all the site's content as new projects, people, and news items are added.

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