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Goodwill Glam Girl

The young, female members of our team are right in the target demographic for this, so it's been fun to build out this fashion & lifestyle-focused subset of the Goodwill of Mississippi brand.

Goodwill Glam Girl is a Tumblr page with a mix of original and reblogged content featuring a fashion focus on Goodwill of Mississippi. While many of our efforts focus on Goodwill's mission, this is a narrowly-targeted style leader to highlight the thrill of matching outfits and finding incredible brands on the Goodwill racks.

With this account we've been able to connect with the Goodwill International Tumblr account as well as a vibrant community of fashion-forward bloggers who are putting together looks and home decor all from Goodwill finds. Ultimately, we look to create an aspirational example of what Goodwill shopping can be.

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