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When clients first contact us, they have the list of marketing projects we offer: branding, design, web, social, and content. But after meeting with us, they understand our core truths: we care and branding can help.

Every time something is distilled it's boiled down to a purer, more potent form until its maximum essence is revealed. Creative Distillery will work until we find your real, core truth, and design a solution that feels fresh and authentic all at the same time.

We'd love to help. Contact us to talk about your work.

Darren Schwindaman Principal

Darren SchwindamanDarren Schwindaman is a graphic and web designer who oversees brand strategy for Creative Distillery. He studied graphic design at Loyola University New Orleans and returned to Jackson after Hurricane Katrina. Darren values building relationships with his clients and making the world a better place through design. He is a rare breed of left-brained artist, and he believes that good design comes from equal parts creativity, strategy and coffee. Darren enjoys Atlanta Braves baseball, Saints football, and gritty FX dramas.

Taylor Lesser Brand Strategist + Project Manager

Taylor LesserTaylor Lesser has a mind for marketing, studying business at Ole Miss and earning her MBA at Millsaps College. She enjoys brand strategy and business development for the opportunity to find the potential in businesses and organizations. Taylor grew up in Los Angeles and Dallas, and did a stint in the New York City fashion world between degrees. She'll take any opportunity to travel, whether by car or plane, domestic or international. She hasn't been everywhere, but it's on her list.

Julianna Pardue Copywriter

Julianna PardueJulianna Pardue, a graduate of Mississippi College, is passionate about all things creative. While working as a Writing Consultant at the MC Writing Center, she collaborated with students to see their concepts cohesively developed while maintaining their unique voice. Her favorite part of writing is the creative potential to inspire readers on a personal level. In her free time, Julianna can be found writing for herself, creating artwork and hanging out with her cats.

Rohit Sharma Web Developer

Rohit SharmaRohit Sharma is a graduate of Mississippi State University and greatly enhances the web capabilities of the Creative Distillery team. Rohit enjoys reading, creative writing, and makes singer/songwriter and electronic music recordings in his spare time.

Kaiyla Barber Graphic Designer

Kaiyla BarberKaiyla Barber is a graphic designer with the drive to make any idea become reality. Before joining the Creative Distillery team, she studied graphic design at Mississippi State University and worked as an intern for the MSU Women's Athletics Department. When she is away from the office, you can find her watching a great movie, listening to Corinne Bailey Rae, or enjoying a delightful strawberry cheesecake.

Natalie Thomas Graphic Designer

Natalie ThomasNatalie Thomas is an honors graduate of Mississippi University for Women where she fostered a love for design and tech while serving on the newspaper layout staff and working weekends in a computer lab. Consequently, making order from chaos is her favorite part of her job. When not at a computer screen Natalie enjoys dystopian novels, quilting, and chasing after her dog.

Drew Henry Copywriter

Drew HenryDrew Henry is a writer and graduate of New York University. He spent several years between New York and Jackson honing his creative writing chops in various fields, including the nonprofit sector, marketing, publishing, and advertising before landing as a copywriter at Creative Distillery. He would spend his spare time writing the great American novel, but his cats are always napping on his keyboard.

Design is not just about computers or fonts, but getting to the heart of a message that matters and using branding to make positive change for clients and their audiences. Intentional design thinking makes for better organizations, better communications, and better communities.

Creative Distillery is rooted in Mississippi but given life by fresh creatives with worldwide life, work, and travel experiences, balancing homegrown authenticity with a modern perspective.

We are for clients who are open-minded and looking to invest in a creative process designed to return value to them several times over. For a large company, that might mean injecting humanity into its "corporate speak." For a nonprofit, it might mean zooming in on just one story that brings a reader to tears. For an entrepreneur, it might mean pulling the trigger on their product packaging to open newer and bigger doors for distribution.

Contact us to talk about your project.