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Knowledge Translation for Academic Centers & Institutes

Creative Distillery is the leading provider of knowledge translation creative services to academic centers. We create marketing that connects centers’ resources to audiences, helps to secure sustainable revenue funding, and establishes thought leadership that inspires trust.

  • Knowledge Translation Support
  • Branding & Materials Design
  • Video
  • Consulting
  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Outreach Campaigns

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We specialize in marketing for university, college, and community college institutes and centers. While centers benefit from the prestige of affiliation with higher education, these centers often are responsible for up to 100% of their own funding. That means attracting revenue by developing a target audience and demonstrating your value and impact.

Here’s how we can help:


The latest, most exciting research is often happening at centers affiliated with colleges and universities. The most important way your marketing can be an asset is to look and feel as innovative as your work. This requires branding that appeals to your audience, and marketing language that sparks interest.


We recently had a community college center program director share with us that the branding and marketing materials helped set them apart at a funder interest meeting and get the funding needed to make their program sustainable.


Oftentimes, university centers doing social justice work eventually outgrow their college homes and want to spin off as their own organization. We can help with that transition, launching the new organization with branding that gains instant credibility.


The world of research and academics can have its own language. While effective for talking to other researchers, this can be a barrier to attracting clients outside of academia. We’re fascinated by the work that higher education centers do and genuinely enjoy working with subject area experts. We help you position your center to be accessible to clients in your target sectors, with outreach that is clear and compelling.


Having an office on campus can make you feel like you’re in a bubble. Generating revenue means getting out into the market and in front of prospects. We have a tested toolbox of strategies that can help you identify your best audience, understand their psychology and what motivates them to hire you, and puts your best image in front of them.


Branding is about positioning. In what field is your center a thought leader? Why should clients hire you? We can help create and refine branding collateral like logo identity, folders, presentation, and conference materials to let your audience know you’re worth engaging with.

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