Creative Distillery is an advertising agency that helps clients connect with their audiences.

We began as a branding and design firm, but we've grown to serve large clients with an array of services: design, marketing, web, social media, and video. These disciplines all work together seamlessly to solve your communication challenges and move the needle for your audience.

Our Name

Every time something is distilled it's boiled down to a purer, more potent form until its maximum essence is revealed. Creative Distillery will work until we find your real, core truth, and design a solution that feels fresh and authentic all at the same time.

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Our Story

As told by Darren Schwindaman, principal of Creative Distillery

I studied graphic design at Loyola University in New Orleans. But it wasn't just about using the Adobe Creative Suite software; I also learned how to think about the message, and knew that what is being advertised is as important as how it is.

My interests and the connections I made along the way took us to nonprofit organizations that advocate for people that need it or provide services to those in need.

I've sat in meetings with leaders from government to private business to nonprofit sectors.

Over time, we built a creative team that focuses on real needs that organizations have, and developed processes that allow us to help most effectively.

I have great personal respect for these organizations, especially the subject matter experts whose ideas power real change work. But, I often find they share a similar challenge: how to access the perspective of the audience, and how to connect their ideas to the right people to implement them. That's where we come in.

Creative Distillery projects start with collaborative discussion to identify the right goals. Then we draw from our creative team to create projects custom-designed for your needs and your audience.